The More Things Change….

OK, its been a minute since I’ve blogged. But it’s really something I’d like to get back to doing. I thought about changing the name of the site, since MadeByAmber is no more. I still may. But something about the title still feels like a part of me and I just can’t let it go.

Prophro seemed like such a great idea to me. I bought TONS of black tees, but when I presented them to you, yall wanted designs I didn’t create and colored shirts and tanks. So much for doing what I WANTED. haha Since I can’t give the people what they want, I will try again with something new.

And always making money on the side. Check out and InstaGram @LashesLikeThis for more info. It’s an amazing product! πŸ™‚

Still trying to beautify my home. Tons of pinterest attempts like this little quote above my door frame in the photo. Cuz let’s face it, we all need a reminder sometimes (but don’t always care for proper grammer–yes, I’m aware that sentences should begin with a capital letter). lol

Do Something Amazing.

But in the meantime I am training to be in a bodybuilding competition. A “Figure” show to be exact. Figure is a bit more muscley than a bikini competition, but not as hard core as a bodybuilding show. It’s a happy medium. The only other female competition in the industry is Fitness. The women are toned and do amazing feats in their performances. Things like one-armed push ups and handstands. lol I have dreams, but I’m also a realist. haha There is no way I see myself getting that fit. πŸ™‚

So “go figure”, I’m doing a figure show. My trainer, Ed Guzman, says I’m about 13 weeks from being ready. I have MUCH work to do. But can’t see a better way to enter my 40’s than lean and mean! woo hoo!

Thanks for being on this journey with me!

Be fabulous!
Amber πŸ™‚


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So many ideas. Β So many items I post on my personal Facebook page, that I couldn’t deny it any longer. It incorporates everything I love–natural hair, positivity, happiness, radiance and optimism. Β I know you believe in those things too. πŸ™‚

Look for Prophro items to be sold very soon. Β I’m excited to share some of my ideas for both men and women.


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Bathroom Upgrade Pt 1

Who HASN’T seen those beautiful bathroom cabinets on Pinterest? They look amazing! Something about that rich coco brown just calls to me. For me it feels sleek, modern and classy. Which are not adjectives that describe my current bathroom. Lol

As you can see the current space is messy, plain, and drab. And with my boyfriend planning on moving in next month I need a SERIOUS make over!!

So here goes!

The supplies:


  • painters tape
  • Brown paper
  • Sanding block 220 grit
  • Minwax oil based stain in Ebony
  • Minwax polyurethane in semi gloss
  • Plastic gloves
  • Lysol wipes
  • To start I wiped down the cabinets.
    Then I sanded to remove the current finish.
    Then I wiped down again.
    Taping was fun. I went crazy cuz I tend to be a bit messy whilst crafting. Lol


    But staining wasn’t as fullfilling as I thought it would be. Applying the stain was great! It had the rich dark look I wanted:

    But with stain you wipe off between coats. And the color didn’t stay. Here’s the difference between plain and one coat of stain:

    I’m impatient. Waiting four to six hours between coats? I just can’t. In the immortal words of Sweet Brown, ain’t nobody got time for that!! #RealTalk.
    After two coats (with only about 40 minutes between each coat) the color just wasn’t there. So I ran to the store and exchanged my extra can of stain and can of poly for the Minwax Polyshades stain and poly one-step version in Espresso Gloss.

    See how fab it
    looked from one coat?

    And I DID let it sit for the required drying time. Actually the stayed overnight. Can’t wait to see the second coat!

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    Out with the Brass

    I feel like I am playing catch up on getting y’all up to date on all of the Pinterest projects I’ve done so far. In yet another effort to make my house fabulous, I decided to change the color of my downstairs hardware. πŸ™‚

    Based on this pin that linked to a website here I attempted to give it the ole Pinterest try!

    Instead of embarking on the entire house, I decided only to do the hardware on the 6 doors downstairs.

    Aside from the occasional guest, it’s just me and my two girls. So I had to find a way to take the doors down so that I would be able to put them back up by myself. What I decided to do was to take each of the top hinges off, paint them let them dry, and put them back on, THEN do the middle hinges on all the doors, and finally the bottoms. It was a labor of love.

    Of course no project done by me would be complete without a snafu of some kind.

    I knew they were different, but I didn’t know how strong the spring hinges were that go out to the carport-turned garage. When I unscrewed one side of the bottom hinge, it snapped back. Its such a strong hinge I can’t seem to get it opened long enough to unscrew the hinge plate from the door. 😦 Therefore I’ll have to enlist the help of some male friend in the future.

    I’ll update this post when I finally finish. I still have to do the door with the spring hinges and one other door hinge. Lol



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    Another Baby Blanket

    Feels nice when I actually finish a baby blanket before the child starts kindergarten!!



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    My Framed Key

    From this Pinterest post that came from here I felt like I wanted to do my version on it.

    I bought my first house in 2010. It symbolizes independence and laying down roots because as a military spouse, I followed my hubby all around the US. But never for more than four years in one spot. So as soon as I saw this pin I knew I had to do it. πŸ™‚

    I changed the locks since, so I’ve decided to frame the very first key. πŸ™‚

    So, without too much ado, tada!!


    To fabulous beginnings!!

    Amber πŸ™‚

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    Pillow Project: Complete

    I’ve been working on making my house feel like a home. And when I saw these pillows on Pinterest I knew they would look perfect on my couches.

    So far I’ve only completed two. And I could just call it quits at this point. But… My friends say it looks best with two pillows on each couch. So, my work continues. I’ll keep you updated. πŸ™‚

    What do you think? One pillow or 2?



    10/08/2012 update.
    Iono WHAT I did. I suppose the new yarn I bought was different. (Although they said Red Heart). But my gauge ended up being completely different. So the pillow backs ended up too small for the two extra pillow fronts I made.

    So long story short: I only will have one pillow per couch. Lol

    Oh well!! πŸ˜‰

    Be fabulous!
    Amber πŸ™‚

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