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A Spoiled Christmas

There was a time I hated the word spoiled. It implied that somehow I thought I was better than another. That I somehow received things that I didn’t deserve. And although spirit placed me in a home with my grandparents, where money was in abundance until my teenage years, I never felt any of those things applied to me. I have always been grateful for the gifts I received in life.

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Spoiled is a state of mind I embrace with a spirit of positivity and spirituality. It means I am worthy of having things I want. I am deserving. It is my birthright to live prosperously. To live a life thats beautiful, rich and plentiful!
I am even more blessed to understand the deeper meaning for humanity–that you too can be spoiled if you are grateful… And allow it!

Give thanks for your blessings all year ’round!! And share your stories of blessing you have received based on your being grateful “through it all”!



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