Homemade Soap? Yes please.

I wish I didn’t obsess over things quite so much. The Pinterest pin on regarding homemade laundry detergent caught my eye sometime last week. And I couldn’t wait to do it. But my problem is, is that I’m just not satisfied taking one person word for it. I have to find the BEST recipe to use! 😉

So I checked that website here it said to use that I should use Zote soap (which I couldn’t find). So I went to this website which says to use Fels Naptha soap which they had at my local Walmart. So I have all the materials ready. But…. which recipe to follow!???

I’m a bit more of the perfectionist when it comes to large messes and large expenses, ha ha, so I have to really study the different recipes to find out which recipe is going to work best for me and my family. Either way, I’m going to save a TON of money on detergent this year, and can’t wait to use the stuff.

I ended up going with the How Does She version but I used Fels Naptha soap instead. I also like the addition of baking soda to help neutralize odor. Plus, there was less measuring or extra product left over.

The Zote bars are quite a bit larger than the Fels Naptha, but I didn’t read all the replies until after I made my batch. Apparently I should have used quite a bit more soap in order to make up the difference (6 Fels Naptha would equal 2 Zote). But so far, this is working just fine. I also read that people have trouble with the Zote bar and dark clothes. (Even though not photographed, I used TWO bars of soap)


Grating the soap didn’t take that long. (Especially because my minions did a half of bar)
[Insert evil laugh here]



After grating I let it sit out on a tray for about 3 hours to dry out, then blended it in my little blender so that it was the same consistency of the other powders. Two bars yielded 2 1/2 cups of soap.


I also heard of people having problems with the crystals separating or floating to the top. To alleviate this problem I decided to also blend up the crystals. :). This left a mixture that was more homogenous. 🙂


Here’s the breakdown of what each box contained for those who would like to know how much you get:

10 cups of borax
8 cups baking soda
6 cups washing soda
5 1/2 cups of Oxy Clean
4 cups of Purex crystals (blended)
2 1/2 cups Fels Naptha (powdered)

I mixed all the ingredients in a large pot. It was difficult because I’m a bit anal and wanted everything to mix WELL.
Here’s an awful pic, but at least you can see the pot.


After the mixing was complete I was able to fill a one gallon glass container, a half gallon container, and the OxyClean container that I ended up giving away.

I’ve washed four loads of clothes so far. I have soft water and haven’t really noticed any difference in the clothes. Everything is just as bright and clean as it usually comes out using store bought soaps.

I have noticed that even though I used Purex crystals, my clean clothes don’t come out smelling quite as strong. (I mean the good smell that we associated with clothes being clean). That doesn’t bother me though. I feel like I’m saving money, and putting a few less chemicals in my household.

Anyway, another Pinterest project complete! I’m a happy girl!

Stay fabulous! (and clean!)

Amber 🙂


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