The More Things Change….

OK, its been a minute since I’ve blogged. But it’s really something I’d like to get back to doing. I thought about changing the name of the site, since MadeByAmber is no more. I still may. But something about the title still feels like a part of me and I just can’t let it go.

Prophro seemed like such a great idea to me. I bought TONS of black tees, but when I presented them to you, yall wanted designs I didn’t create and colored shirts and tanks. So much for doing what I WANTED. haha Since I can’t give the people what they want, I will try again with something new.

And always making money on the side. Check out and InstaGram @LashesLikeThis for more info. It’s an amazing product! 🙂

Still trying to beautify my home. Tons of pinterest attempts like this little quote above my door frame in the photo. Cuz let’s face it, we all need a reminder sometimes (but don’t always care for proper grammer–yes, I’m aware that sentences should begin with a capital letter). lol

Do Something Amazing.

But in the meantime I am training to be in a bodybuilding competition. A “Figure” show to be exact. Figure is a bit more muscley than a bikini competition, but not as hard core as a bodybuilding show. It’s a happy medium. The only other female competition in the industry is Fitness. The women are toned and do amazing feats in their performances. Things like one-armed push ups and handstands. lol I have dreams, but I’m also a realist. haha There is no way I see myself getting that fit. 🙂

So “go figure”, I’m doing a figure show. My trainer, Ed Guzman, says I’m about 13 weeks from being ready. I have MUCH work to do. But can’t see a better way to enter my 40’s than lean and mean! woo hoo!

Thanks for being on this journey with me!

Be fabulous!
Amber 🙂


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  1. gary green

    Hi Amber
    long time no see how are you

    Gary Green, Cooperative Marketing Director
    Santa Cruz County Conference & Visitors Council
    303 Water Street
    Santa Cruz, CA 95060
    831.429.7281 ext 103
    831.425-7839 fax

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