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Party Fun with Clothes Pins

It’s party time!! Woo hoo!!

My youngest daughter is turning 11 and we are going to party in the mall and go to a movie. Just my girls and her 8 best buds. I told all the parents that we will be having an AWESOME scavenger hunt–which I’ll be putting together last minute. (Sorry, but I do my best work at the last minute).  Pizza and ice cream in the food court, and after the mall we are treating the guests to a movie.

Easy party. But now I had to figure out the whole “gift bag” thing. 😦

Let’s see what I found around the house:

  • Plastic bags from my old earring biz
  • Curling ribbon
  • Ribbon (glittered ribbon)
  • Scrapbook papers
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Clothes pins

I ran to Sally’s and purchased tiny nail polishes, and Target for tiny nail files and lip glosses. Put them in the bags along with the nail files and gloss. I cut the ribbons in half and used craft glue to paste them to clothes pins. Then tied it all up with curling ribbon. My daughter wrote “Love Josie” on business cards cut into fourths and glued them to other scrapbook papers.  I thought about measuring.  But we just grabbed our scissors and ‘eyeballed it’.

But of course, I made Josie help.
I love having minions!!
[insert evil laugh here]

I think this is a nice token to give to the guests. NOW I can sleep. 😉

Stay fabulous!
And party on!!

Amber 🙂


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