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Happy New Year!!!

So, I have many resolutions for 2010 (or 20X as my friend Patrick would say). 🙂  Most have to do with health and family, but there are a few that I have reserved for my business.  The first is the BLOG MORE!  So many people ask me what I’m up to and how things are coming along and I feel like I am becoming a tad negligent.  So, I must get to work!

I’ve even considered creating a video blog instead of typing since I never really have the time.  So I’ll be purchasing one of those nifty flip cams in the near future. 🙂  So join me on youtube and vimeo to see what i say next!

I’ve redesigned my website once again. But my photos are not up to par.  So at the moment I am building inventory. After my two November Holiday shows I put the rest of my stock in consignment.  So, I’m starting from scratch and preparing one of every color in my line for superior photo work. 🙂  Tonight I made about 30 frames. (I’d cut inner wires last night).  Not bad for one night.  Now, two more nights just like this one and then I can get to wrapping!

Another resolution is to create more tutorials.  The first tutorial is now an instant download!  No more waiting for me to get out of church in order to email it to you! lol I’m very excited about that.  But everyone asks about the stringing and design creation. I’ve got to create a ‘pattern book’ if you will.  And also one to show you how to make perfect shapes! So, look for those tuts in the very near future.

The last business resolution you can help me with!  I will have 2010 people following me on Twitter by the end of the year (or sooner if I have my way!)  So, please tell a friend and help! 🙂

And now the fun part… what resolutions have YOU made for this year?

I’m sure they include being fabulous!
Amber :o)


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My First Consignment

So a wonderful couple came into my world not too long ago.
They’ve opened a wonderful consignment store right on Ft. Riley Blvd here in Manhattan and have asked if they can sell my earrings in their store!

I am so excited. I visited the store for the first time tonight dropping of a stash of those MadeByAmber threads!

Of course I’m still locked out of my blog. I’m going to move it to WordPress soon. (

Anyway, check out or stop by 2047 Ft.
Riley Blvd in Manhattan, KS!

And be fabulous!

Amber 🙂
Made by me….undeniably YOU!

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