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Bathroom Upgrade Pt 1

Who HASN’T seen those beautiful bathroom cabinets on Pinterest? They look amazing! Something about that rich coco brown just calls to me. For me it feels sleek, modern and classy. Which are not adjectives that describe my current bathroom. Lol

As you can see the current space is messy, plain, and drab. And with my boyfriend planning on moving in next month I need a SERIOUS make over!!

So here goes!

The supplies:


  • painters tape
  • Brown paper
  • Sanding block 220 grit
  • Minwax oil based stain in Ebony
  • Minwax polyurethane in semi gloss
  • Plastic gloves
  • Lysol wipes
  • To start I wiped down the cabinets.
    Then I sanded to remove the current finish.
    Then I wiped down again.
    Taping was fun. I went crazy cuz I tend to be a bit messy whilst crafting. Lol


    But staining wasn’t as fullfilling as I thought it would be. Applying the stain was great! It had the rich dark look I wanted:

    But with stain you wipe off between coats. And the color didn’t stay. Here’s the difference between plain and one coat of stain:

    I’m impatient. Waiting four to six hours between coats? I just can’t. In the immortal words of Sweet Brown, ain’t nobody got time for that!! #RealTalk.
    After two coats (with only about 40 minutes between each coat) the color just wasn’t there. So I ran to the store and exchanged my extra can of stain and can of poly for the Minwax Polyshades stain and poly one-step version in Espresso Gloss.

    See how fab it
    looked from one coat?

    And I DID let it sit for the required drying time. Actually the stayed overnight. Can’t wait to see the second coat!


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    What I’ve been up to…

    Well, we arrived in California last week. And unfortunately our furniture doesn’t arrive until tomorrow. So, I’ve been applying for jobs as well as crochetting up a storm!

    Inspired by the cool breeze of Monterey, I’ve created some really cute caps! A hybrid of patterns found online here and here. I added both pico and wave edgeing I prefered.

    Welp, after a good night’s sleep I’m sure I’ll be unpacking boxes for the rest of my life! lol

    Enjoy! And purchase online at!

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    Finished Baby Blanket

    So as you know I talk about all things MadeBy ME! 🙂 I attended a baby shower for a co-worker today. But didn’t have the opportunity to finish my gift. But now… all done. And boy am I ready for bed!

    Just wanted to share the latest. This pattern can be found here at crochetville and is so fun!! Mostly double crochet and some modified stitches that make the corners look so nice!

    My version is for a soldier’s new child, so I used wine, navy and grey. Perfect for their new baby soldier boy. 🙂

    Night everyone. Be fabulous!! 🙂

    Amber 🙂

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    Newest Project–Sugar Cookies

    So I have made a big decision to move to California! The big move us only three weeks away and boy am I excited.

    But in the meantime I’ve been working on some brand new earrings to sell.

    One of my favorite clients that purchased my earrings let me know of a great book that I just HAD to grab. 

     So I got a copy of a fabulous book right away.  It’s called ‘Fly Tops and Funky Flavas’ by Afya Ibomu. It’s one of a two-book series called Get Your Crochet on. Tre cool!!  🙂

    I couldn’t resist making the earrings. But my LYS (local craft store) didn’t sell any plastic Cabones. :(. So I substituted with metal purse claps. They look like big washers. They are cute, but not quite what I was looking for. So here was the project in process:

    Unfortunately I’ve put them on only to find that they were WAY too heavy!!! Back to the drawing board!!

    After finding a different medium for the outer ring, this is my final product!  I hate that the thread cost me five dollars to make only one pair.  (Really expensive).  But… totally worth it.  Aren’t they cute!!!



    So, off they go into the purchase section!
    Only available in silver and gold at the moment.

     I’ll make sure to keep you posted as I prepare to take is all to the “left coast”. And continue to stay in touch with me! I’d love to try something you suggest.  Maybe I’ll even blog a bit about it!

    Be Fabulous! 

    Amber 🙂

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    Tutorial Price

    Well yall, I have let it stand for a few extra days. I’m still locked out of this blog and gmail account, so I wasn’t able to edit the original post.
    The promotional price is over. The tutorial is now 20 dollars. So sorry about that if you missed it.

    I saw another tutorial that JUST came out on the 10th. I wanted to choke. Not because a new tutorial is available, but because the finished product of the earring looked awful. (Really sorry, but it’s so true).

    So if you grab my tutorial, trust me you will not be sorry. I’ve received great feedback and seen pics of the fab creations that were made using the instructions in my tutorial. People are definately having a ball with it!

    Well, that’s all for now yall!

    Love ya! Be fabulous!

    Amber 🙂
    Made by me….undeniably YOU!
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    My First Consignment

    So a wonderful couple came into my world not too long ago.
    They’ve opened a wonderful consignment store right on Ft. Riley Blvd here in Manhattan and have asked if they can sell my earrings in their store!

    I am so excited. I visited the store for the first time tonight dropping of a stash of those MadeByAmber threads!

    Of course I’m still locked out of my blog. I’m going to move it to WordPress soon. (

    Anyway, check out or stop by 2047 Ft.
    Riley Blvd in Manhattan, KS!

    And be fabulous!

    Amber 🙂
    Made by me….undeniably YOU!

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    Thread Earring Tutorial

    I’m sure I’ll hear about this one, but darn it… this is the year 2009! Information should be available if you want it!

    I searched high and low looking for information on how to make thread earrings and had to figure it out on my own. But YOU DON’T HAVE TO!!

    Yeup, it’s a tutorial! Purchase today and make your very own threads tomorrow!! 🙂

    You will receive your 34 page tutorial complete with over 40 pictures to guide you to ultimate fabulosity! 🙂

    After payment is confirmed, you will get your tutorial sent to the same email address used for payment via paypal.

    AND…. as feedback comes back to me from the tutorial, you will recieve all subsequent versions/updates of this tutorial for free.


    Thanks again for your support.

    Be Fabulous!

    Amber 🙂

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