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Bathroom Upgrade Pt 1

Who HASN’T seen those beautiful bathroom cabinets on Pinterest? They look amazing! Something about that rich coco brown just calls to me. For me it feels sleek, modern and classy. Which are not adjectives that describe my current bathroom. Lol

As you can see the current space is messy, plain, and drab. And with my boyfriend planning on moving in next month I need a SERIOUS make over!!

So here goes!

The supplies:


  • painters tape
  • Brown paper
  • Sanding block 220 grit
  • Minwax oil based stain in Ebony
  • Minwax polyurethane in semi gloss
  • Plastic gloves
  • Lysol wipes
  • To start I wiped down the cabinets.
    Then I sanded to remove the current finish.
    Then I wiped down again.
    Taping was fun. I went crazy cuz I tend to be a bit messy whilst crafting. Lol


    But staining wasn’t as fullfilling as I thought it would be. Applying the stain was great! It had the rich dark look I wanted:

    But with stain you wipe off between coats. And the color didn’t stay. Here’s the difference between plain and one coat of stain:

    I’m impatient. Waiting four to six hours between coats? I just can’t. In the immortal words of Sweet Brown, ain’t nobody got time for that!! #RealTalk.
    After two coats (with only about 40 minutes between each coat) the color just wasn’t there. So I ran to the store and exchanged my extra can of stain and can of poly for the Minwax Polyshades stain and poly one-step version in Espresso Gloss.

    See how fab it
    looked from one coat?

    And I DID let it sit for the required drying time. Actually the stayed overnight. Can’t wait to see the second coat!


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    Pillow Project: Complete

    I’ve been working on making my house feel like a home. And when I saw these pillows on Pinterest I knew they would look perfect on my couches.

    So far I’ve only completed two. And I could just call it quits at this point. But… My friends say it looks best with two pillows on each couch. So, my work continues. I’ll keep you updated. 🙂

    What do you think? One pillow or 2?



    10/08/2012 update.
    Iono WHAT I did. I suppose the new yarn I bought was different. (Although they said Red Heart). But my gauge ended up being completely different. So the pillow backs ended up too small for the two extra pillow fronts I made.

    So long story short: I only will have one pillow per couch. Lol

    Oh well!! 😉

    Be fabulous!
    Amber 🙂

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    Homemade Soap? Yes please.

    I wish I didn’t obsess over things quite so much. The Pinterest pin on regarding homemade laundry detergent caught my eye sometime last week. And I couldn’t wait to do it. But my problem is, is that I’m just not satisfied taking one person word for it. I have to find the BEST recipe to use! 😉

    So I checked that website here it said to use that I should use Zote soap (which I couldn’t find). So I went to this website which says to use Fels Naptha soap which they had at my local Walmart. So I have all the materials ready. But…. which recipe to follow!???

    I’m a bit more of the perfectionist when it comes to large messes and large expenses, ha ha, so I have to really study the different recipes to find out which recipe is going to work best for me and my family. Either way, I’m going to save a TON of money on detergent this year, and can’t wait to use the stuff.

    I ended up going with the How Does She version but I used Fels Naptha soap instead. I also like the addition of baking soda to help neutralize odor. Plus, there was less measuring or extra product left over.

    The Zote bars are quite a bit larger than the Fels Naptha, but I didn’t read all the replies until after I made my batch. Apparently I should have used quite a bit more soap in order to make up the difference (6 Fels Naptha would equal 2 Zote). But so far, this is working just fine. I also read that people have trouble with the Zote bar and dark clothes. (Even though not photographed, I used TWO bars of soap)


    Grating the soap didn’t take that long. (Especially because my minions did a half of bar)
    [Insert evil laugh here]



    After grating I let it sit out on a tray for about 3 hours to dry out, then blended it in my little blender so that it was the same consistency of the other powders. Two bars yielded 2 1/2 cups of soap.


    I also heard of people having problems with the crystals separating or floating to the top. To alleviate this problem I decided to also blend up the crystals. :). This left a mixture that was more homogenous. 🙂


    Here’s the breakdown of what each box contained for those who would like to know how much you get:

    10 cups of borax
    8 cups baking soda
    6 cups washing soda
    5 1/2 cups of Oxy Clean
    4 cups of Purex crystals (blended)
    2 1/2 cups Fels Naptha (powdered)

    I mixed all the ingredients in a large pot. It was difficult because I’m a bit anal and wanted everything to mix WELL.
    Here’s an awful pic, but at least you can see the pot.


    After the mixing was complete I was able to fill a one gallon glass container, a half gallon container, and the OxyClean container that I ended up giving away.

    I’ve washed four loads of clothes so far. I have soft water and haven’t really noticed any difference in the clothes. Everything is just as bright and clean as it usually comes out using store bought soaps.

    I have noticed that even though I used Purex crystals, my clean clothes don’t come out smelling quite as strong. (I mean the good smell that we associated with clothes being clean). That doesn’t bother me though. I feel like I’m saving money, and putting a few less chemicals in my household.

    Anyway, another Pinterest project complete! I’m a happy girl!

    Stay fabulous! (and clean!)

    Amber 🙂

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    Pennies From Heaven

    OK.  You’ve all seen it!  Fabulous art made with coins.  Here’s the link to the original Pin I saw on Pinterest:

    This craft has a special meaning for me.  First of all, when I was a little girl, my grandmother used to sing a song called “Pennies from Heaven” that reminds you that even when it rains, you can change your point of view and count each drop as a precious blessing. Here’s a version from Billie Holiday.

    And when I see the word EAT I am reminded of my dad.  He is a trained chef and loves to eat.  But more importantly whenever I am down he always has the best advice.  When I was going through my rough patch I asked my father for advice on how to get through the pain. He said, “Well, are you eating?” And of course I said yes.  His reply after that was always the same: “Just keep eating. That’s the advice my father gave me”.

    *blank stare*
    Thanks Dad.  That’s great advice.

    I didn’t get it at first.  But as I got older, it all made sense.  I understand it to mean, that no matter what you are going through, just keep yourself alive.  Time will pass and things will get better.  My daddy, a wise man indeed! ❤

    Anyway, at first glance, I knew I had to do this penny project that would simply remind me to “keep it moving, enjoy the rain, and don’ forget to eat!”.  And I had the perfect space for it right on the side of my kitchen cabinet. 🙂

    I don’t use cash often, but I work at a bank so I have access to the best pennies this side of the Mississippi! I got some old and some new… and decided to “make it my own” by doing an ombre effect.  Nice, hunh? lol

    And for glue I decided to use Gorilla glue.  Cuz on the label it said it will make anything stick together. And I was afraid of the weight of the pennies.  But that was a HUGE MISTAKE.  As the glue dries it bubbles and expands.  What a nightmare!! I just knew I had a “Pinterest Fail” on my hands.  Luckily I am an obsessive meticulous crafter and had only done the E.  So I got another letter, regular craft glue and finished the job.  I sprayed it with a layer of glaze to keep it shiny. And Voila!  I am very pleased.

    Have you tried this yourself? What were your experiences?

    Stay fabulous! (And don’t forget to eat!) lol

    Amber 🙂

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