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What I’ve been up to…

Well, we arrived in California last week. And unfortunately our furniture doesn’t arrive until tomorrow. So, I’ve been applying for jobs as well as crochetting up a storm!

Inspired by the cool breeze of Monterey, I’ve created some really cute caps! A hybrid of patterns found online here and here. I added both pico and wave edgeing I prefered.

Welp, after a good night’s sleep I’m sure I’ll be unpacking boxes for the rest of my life! lol

Enjoy! And purchase online at!


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Finished Baby Blanket

So as you know I talk about all things MadeBy ME! 🙂 I attended a baby shower for a co-worker today. But didn’t have the opportunity to finish my gift. But now… all done. And boy am I ready for bed!

Just wanted to share the latest. This pattern can be found here at crochetville and is so fun!! Mostly double crochet and some modified stitches that make the corners look so nice!

My version is for a soldier’s new child, so I used wine, navy and grey. Perfect for their new baby soldier boy. 🙂

Night everyone. Be fabulous!! 🙂

Amber 🙂

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Happy New Year!!!

So, I have many resolutions for 2010 (or 20X as my friend Patrick would say). 🙂  Most have to do with health and family, but there are a few that I have reserved for my business.  The first is the BLOG MORE!  So many people ask me what I’m up to and how things are coming along and I feel like I am becoming a tad negligent.  So, I must get to work!

I’ve even considered creating a video blog instead of typing since I never really have the time.  So I’ll be purchasing one of those nifty flip cams in the near future. 🙂  So join me on youtube and vimeo to see what i say next!

I’ve redesigned my website once again. But my photos are not up to par.  So at the moment I am building inventory. After my two November Holiday shows I put the rest of my stock in consignment.  So, I’m starting from scratch and preparing one of every color in my line for superior photo work. 🙂  Tonight I made about 30 frames. (I’d cut inner wires last night).  Not bad for one night.  Now, two more nights just like this one and then I can get to wrapping!

Another resolution is to create more tutorials.  The first tutorial is now an instant download!  No more waiting for me to get out of church in order to email it to you! lol I’m very excited about that.  But everyone asks about the stringing and design creation. I’ve got to create a ‘pattern book’ if you will.  And also one to show you how to make perfect shapes! So, look for those tuts in the very near future.

The last business resolution you can help me with!  I will have 2010 people following me on Twitter by the end of the year (or sooner if I have my way!)  So, please tell a friend and help! 🙂

And now the fun part… what resolutions have YOU made for this year?

I’m sure they include being fabulous!
Amber :o)

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Tutorial Price

Well yall, I have let it stand for a few extra days. I’m still locked out of this blog and gmail account, so I wasn’t able to edit the original post.
The promotional price is over. The tutorial is now 20 dollars. So sorry about that if you missed it.

I saw another tutorial that JUST came out on the 10th. I wanted to choke. Not because a new tutorial is available, but because the finished product of the earring looked awful. (Really sorry, but it’s so true).

So if you grab my tutorial, trust me you will not be sorry. I’ve received great feedback and seen pics of the fab creations that were made using the instructions in my tutorial. People are definately having a ball with it!

Well, that’s all for now yall!

Love ya! Be fabulous!

Amber 🙂
Made by me….undeniably YOU!
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Thread Earring Tutorial

I’m sure I’ll hear about this one, but darn it… this is the year 2009! Information should be available if you want it!

I searched high and low looking for information on how to make thread earrings and had to figure it out on my own. But YOU DON’T HAVE TO!!

Yeup, it’s a tutorial! Purchase today and make your very own threads tomorrow!! 🙂

You will receive your 34 page tutorial complete with over 40 pictures to guide you to ultimate fabulosity! 🙂

After payment is confirmed, you will get your tutorial sent to the same email address used for payment via paypal.

AND…. as feedback comes back to me from the tutorial, you will recieve all subsequent versions/updates of this tutorial for free.


Thanks again for your support.

Be Fabulous!

Amber 🙂

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