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So many ideas.  So many items I post on my personal Facebook page, that I couldn’t deny it any longer. It incorporates everything I love–natural hair, positivity, happiness, radiance and optimism.  I know you believe in those things too. 🙂

Look for Prophro items to be sold very soon.  I’m excited to share some of my ideas for both men and women.



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Out with the Brass

I feel like I am playing catch up on getting y’all up to date on all of the Pinterest projects I’ve done so far. In yet another effort to make my house fabulous, I decided to change the color of my downstairs hardware. 🙂

Based on this pin that linked to a website here I attempted to give it the ole Pinterest try!

Instead of embarking on the entire house, I decided only to do the hardware on the 6 doors downstairs.

Aside from the occasional guest, it’s just me and my two girls. So I had to find a way to take the doors down so that I would be able to put them back up by myself. What I decided to do was to take each of the top hinges off, paint them let them dry, and put them back on, THEN do the middle hinges on all the doors, and finally the bottoms. It was a labor of love.

Of course no project done by me would be complete without a snafu of some kind.

I knew they were different, but I didn’t know how strong the spring hinges were that go out to the carport-turned garage. When I unscrewed one side of the bottom hinge, it snapped back. Its such a strong hinge I can’t seem to get it opened long enough to unscrew the hinge plate from the door. 😦 Therefore I’ll have to enlist the help of some male friend in the future.

I’ll update this post when I finally finish. I still have to do the door with the spring hinges and one other door hinge. Lol



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Another Baby Blanket

Feels nice when I actually finish a baby blanket before the child starts kindergarten!!



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My Framed Key

From this Pinterest post that came from here I felt like I wanted to do my version on it.

I bought my first house in 2010. It symbolizes independence and laying down roots because as a military spouse, I followed my hubby all around the US. But never for more than four years in one spot. So as soon as I saw this pin I knew I had to do it. 🙂

I changed the locks since, so I’ve decided to frame the very first key. 🙂

So, without too much ado, tada!!


To fabulous beginnings!!

Amber 🙂

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Pennies From Heaven

OK.  You’ve all seen it!  Fabulous art made with coins.  Here’s the link to the original Pin I saw on Pinterest:

This craft has a special meaning for me.  First of all, when I was a little girl, my grandmother used to sing a song called “Pennies from Heaven” that reminds you that even when it rains, you can change your point of view and count each drop as a precious blessing. Here’s a version from Billie Holiday.

And when I see the word EAT I am reminded of my dad.  He is a trained chef and loves to eat.  But more importantly whenever I am down he always has the best advice.  When I was going through my rough patch I asked my father for advice on how to get through the pain. He said, “Well, are you eating?” And of course I said yes.  His reply after that was always the same: “Just keep eating. That’s the advice my father gave me”.

*blank stare*
Thanks Dad.  That’s great advice.

I didn’t get it at first.  But as I got older, it all made sense.  I understand it to mean, that no matter what you are going through, just keep yourself alive.  Time will pass and things will get better.  My daddy, a wise man indeed! ❤

Anyway, at first glance, I knew I had to do this penny project that would simply remind me to “keep it moving, enjoy the rain, and don’ forget to eat!”.  And I had the perfect space for it right on the side of my kitchen cabinet. 🙂

I don’t use cash often, but I work at a bank so I have access to the best pennies this side of the Mississippi! I got some old and some new… and decided to “make it my own” by doing an ombre effect.  Nice, hunh? lol

And for glue I decided to use Gorilla glue.  Cuz on the label it said it will make anything stick together. And I was afraid of the weight of the pennies.  But that was a HUGE MISTAKE.  As the glue dries it bubbles and expands.  What a nightmare!! I just knew I had a “Pinterest Fail” on my hands.  Luckily I am an obsessive meticulous crafter and had only done the E.  So I got another letter, regular craft glue and finished the job.  I sprayed it with a layer of glaze to keep it shiny. And Voila!  I am very pleased.

Have you tried this yourself? What were your experiences?

Stay fabulous! (And don’t forget to eat!) lol

Amber 🙂

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Another Pinterest Groupie Is Born!!

So I was turned on to Pintrest a while ago when a co-worker kept telling me about Crayon Art. “You melt crayons with a blow dryer and it’s soooo cool”. lol  Over the year I am there everyday.  I love to look for new crafts and ways to decorate my home. 🙂

She gave me an invitation to join (you needed an invite at that time).  At any rate.  I’m choosing to keep my posts short and sweet.  But as I embark on a complete Pinterest-Upcycle of my LIFE… I figured I’d document it. 🙂

So…. Here goes!!

So tell me… how much do YOU love Pinterest??

Amber  :o)

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A Spoiled Christmas

There was a time I hated the word spoiled. It implied that somehow I thought I was better than another. That I somehow received things that I didn’t deserve. And although spirit placed me in a home with my grandparents, where money was in abundance until my teenage years, I never felt any of those things applied to me. I have always been grateful for the gifts I received in life.

My email address for years has been

Spoiled is a state of mind I embrace with a spirit of positivity and spirituality. It means I am worthy of having things I want. I am deserving. It is my birthright to live prosperously. To live a life thats beautiful, rich and plentiful!
I am even more blessed to understand the deeper meaning for humanity–that you too can be spoiled if you are grateful… And allow it!

Give thanks for your blessings all year ’round!! And share your stories of blessing you have received based on your being grateful “through it all”!


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